Super Yacht Stabilisers provides links to companies developing, manufacturing, installing and servicing yacht stabilisation systems. The rolling motions of a motor yacht without stabilisers in rough seas can be very unpleasant and can certainly ruin a cruise. Modern yacht stabilizers eliminate the rolling motions of a superyacht whether cruising, drifting or at anchor. Recently introduced 'At Anchor Stabilization' has revolutionised the way superyachts are used. Underway stabilisation has been with us for many years, in many forms, but large yachts can now sit at anchor, in a swell and remain stable. It is not uncommon to see a fleet of superyachts sitting overnight in a bay rather than going into a marina. The owners have their privacy while remaining in motionless comfort and saving dockage fees. Modern fins can be fitted during a new build or retro fitted during a refit and many charter guests today will insist that the yacht they choose has at anchor stabilisation fitted.